Video Production

Skilled visual storytellers offering on-premesis and in-studio video production, editing and motion graphics production

In response to the increased demand for asynchronous and synchronous video production brought on by the transition to remote and hybrid learning, the HMS IT Media Services team offers enhanced video support to the educational community, helping course designers and instructors develop their ideas and managing video projects from start to finish, as well as live-streamining management for events and complex settings.

Moderated Sessions / Webinars

Media Services offers technical assistance in moderating large audiences and hosting seminars and educational sessions. events. A technician will assist in setup and will join your live event to help switch video and content sources and manage panelists and participants. 

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Video Editing Consultations

Media Services can help edit your recorded Zoom sessions into a concise final presentation that is ready to be published. Common editing tasks include trimming heads/tails, cutting breaks or sections out of the middle of your recordings, fixing or enhancing audio, and compositing or rearranging camera and content video.

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At-Home Video Production

Media Services can advise you on how to use your own devices, like smartphones, tablets and webcams to create engaging, polished videos and content.

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Captioning / Transcription Services

Do you have recorded videos that need transcription? Are you holding an event that requires live closed captions? Media Services works with a variety of third-party service providers and can help you find the best solution for captioning or transcribing your project or live event. Staff will help identify your needs, answer your closed captioning questions, and recommend services. A nominal service fee is associated with all captioning.

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